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All You Need To Know About Swiss Casino

The Swiss Casino is a popular online casino that offers slot games, card games and table games. They frequently run new promotions to entice players. Their progressive jackpot continually grows right in front of your eyes.


At any given time, the Casino is running several different promotions for various types of players, such as new players and VIP players. There are new promotions every month to encourage people to keep playing. Existing players who bring new players into the casino can receive a bonus deposit in their game account when someone they refer to the casino signs up for a membership. They also have a deal where players who have accumulated comps through game play can convert those comps into actual money, which they receive quickly and easily.

VIP Club

Those who engage in some serious Swiss Casino online play often find themselves eventually becoming a member of the casino's VIP club. The three levels of membership within the VIP club are emerald, diamond and black diamond.

All You Need To Know About Swiss CasinoThe Emerald VIP Club gets players a conversion rate of 85/1 for their comp points. Emerald Club members receive any money that they win within 48 hours of winning it. Non-VIP club players must wait four days to get their money. Other benefits of the Emerald Club are that table limits and deposits are increased for these players. They also receive a bonus each time they deposit money into their game account. Emerald club members also have access to special promotions that other players do not get.

The Diamond VIP Club members receive a conversion rate of 80/1 and also have access to their withdrawals within 48 hours as opposed to four days for regular members. Those players with a Diamond VIP Club membership can place a bet as high as they want to; they have no betting limit. In addition to receiving a bonus automatically upon making a deposit, Diamond Club members receive Super Surprise bonuses.

The Black Diamond VIP Club members receive a conversion rate of 75/1 and also enjoy all the other perks of both the Emerald and Diamond VIP Clubs.


Those who have won money from the casino come from various countries all over the world. Winnings for these players range from $23,765 to $84,425. The players who win the highest amounts of money are listed on the casino's website. These players have won money from a group of other casinos that make up a network called Global Gaming Net.

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