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More and more people enjoy playing a range of casino games online. They all hope that they will win the big one, of course, but even if this is never going to happen, online casinos are a great way to socialise with other likeminded individuals. The Bodog Casino is a fantastic online casino that allows you to do just that: gamble, play and meet new people.

What Can You Play at the Bodog Online Casino?

The amount of games available at the Bodog Casino is tremendous. New games are added regularly. One of the big favourites is the online racing game, where you are able to bet on live horses. They have a huge range of online table games available as well, including Black Jack (in different rules), Baccarat, Roulette, Poker (in different rules) and craps. They also have a number of speciality games, such as bingo scratch and bonus cards. Then, there are the slots – Archipelago and Atlantis Dive – and the video poker facilities.

Casino School

Bodog Online CasinoFor people who know absolutely nothing about casinos, the Bodog Online Casino can help. They have very easy to understand tutorials on all their games. Best of all, if you’re not sure, you don’t have to download the program, as you can play up to seven games simultaneously without ever downloading anything. This means you can learn the game as you go along, before deciding to become a dedicated player and what you should know about online gambling. The tutorials are easy to follow, including example drawings of real life situations. They explain not just how you can win money, but also what the values of the cards are and much more.

Bodog Casino Bonus Code

Now let’s be honest. You are going to a casino because you want to make money. Sure, it is great to make some new friends in the process, but if you were only after social relationships, you would go to your nearest Starbucks. Because you want to make money, you will also want to spend as little as possible. Luckily, Bodog regularly has different promotions on, meaning you can get a Bodog Casino bonus code that allows you to get some free credits or other fantastic benefits. One of the Bodog Casino bonus code offers that is available currently is a free £50 welcome bonus when you buy your first £50 worth of chips. This means you have twice as much to spend, or twice as many chances of winning it big.

There are many other promotions at Bodog Online Casino. For referring a friend, you will also be rewarded of course. If you have a friend that joins and makes a deposit, you could get as much as £30 credited straight to your account. The progressive jackpots that are offered by the casino are fantastic. They are generally calculated in US Dollars and can run up to dazzling heights. At present, for instance, the progressive jackpot stands at nearly $350,000. Imagine what you could do with those types of winnings! Make no mistake about it; this is a real casino with real winnings.

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