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Can you Seriously Win Big on Bingo?

If you were asked to describe the ambitions of the average online bingo player then huge cash prizes probably wouldn’t be near the top of those suggestions. Nevertheless, there are instances of people winning large amounts of money on bingo games. Are these situations pure flukes that will rarely happen to you, or is there truly a chance to win big money when playing online bingo at Gamevillage.com?

What do most bingo players want?

If you think of the average bingo player, you will imagine a fun-loving person that isn’t so bothered about winning tonnes of money, even though a few hundred wouldn’t go amiss. The best thing about bingo is that it has a much better social element that most other forms of online gambling. Games like poker tend to make fellow players more like rivals than friend, but bingo uses the social element to encourage friendly behaviour between competitors.

Chances of winning
This can be a big clue when you’re trying to work out the chances of winning a lot of money in the game. No one is going to give you money for nothing, so the chances are that the less likely you are to win, the bigger the prize will be when you do. Think of games like the Lotto, which has roughly a 14 million to 1 chance of winning, but gives huge prizes. Poker requires a lot of skill and percentages, so is slightly bigger. This sort of thing transfers to bingo rooms if you consider the amount of players in a single room. If there are more players, it simply means that there is more cash for the winner.
If you just want the joy of winning you will certainly be better in smaller rooms, but if you want to win real money at bingocams.com then you should look at wherever is the most packed.

Biggest Winner

As a sign of how big the prizes have been getting over the last few years, the biggest winner in 2008 won £1.2 million, and only four years later the, John Orchard from Lincolnshire won £5.9 million. While these are right at the extreme end of the scale, it shows that there are obviously big prizes to be won in online bingo. No one dares to estimate the average, as there are lots of wins that are more like £1 than one million, so it’s all down to which room you’re in and which bingo company you decide to use.


So can you win big on bingo? The answer is yes, but just like any other form of gambling, the more there is to win, the less likely it is that you’re going to achieve it.

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