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Knowing Your Odds Helps You Win

There is certainly an element of luck to every poker game, but, at its core, it is a game of skill and numbers.
It is very important to study odds before you start playing a game. You need to know them instinctively. If you have to sit there and think about them, it gives you less time to pay attention to what everyone else at the table is doing. This makes it impossible to play against them because you cannot read their tells and see how they are doing. You want the odds to come to your mind right away, as a natural part of the game.

If you can see the odds of poker hands, you can then know how good of a chance you have of winning that hand. There are some hands that may give you a great chance, regardless of what everyone else is holding, and other hands that you should fold as soon as you see them. Take a look at the Interactive Infographic image about poker hand odds to learn more.

Now, it is important to know that there are going to be times when you are going to lose even though the odds are in your favor. You never have 100 percent odds to win. The other guy could always hit that crucial river card and beat you. However, if you make sure that the odds are always in your favor, you will be able to win more often than you will lose.

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