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Are There Casinos in Hawaii?

Hawaii is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination. However, almost every form of gambling is banned in the State. The legalities of online gambling, however, are not defined all too clearly yet, meaning you are able to play online casino games. Gambling online isn't illegal in Hawaii - yet - so long as you know what you are doing.

Gambling Age for Hawaii Residents

The gambling age issue is very complicated. No form of gambling is truly legal in Hawaii, although online gambling is unclear. The reason for this is that the gambling websites are often not based in Hawaii. However, as a consequence, there is also not a legal age at which people are allowed to gamble, since they are technically not allowed to gamble at all. However, most gambling sites follow the more international rules and do not allow access to their sites until you are 21. Do not try to bypass this by lying on the registration forms, because if you do get found out, you will not be allowed to keep your earnings and you may even be prosecuted.

Online Gambling Laws in Hawaii

Are There Casinos in Hawaii?Interestingly, there are no laws at all that mention online gambling in Hawaii. Most likely, this is because when the laws were first written, there were no online casinos. The idea was to include all types of gambling, but because this is not explicitly stipulated, it is basically a legal loophole. Technically, the Hawaiian authorities should be able to block access to these types of sites, and since this has not happened yet, it seems online gambling remains legal, up to now.

Gambling Sites for Hawaiian Residents

There is a huge range of online gambling sites available to you. If you are a Hawaii resident, you may want to check whether there are any stipulations in relation to Hawaii. This is because certain sites want to operate completely within the law, even if the law isn't entirely clear, and will refuse people from Hawaii to register to their site. They always hold the right to refuse custom, so they do make sure you look into which ones you should go to.

With just a little bit of research, you should be able to find online gambling if you live in Hawaii. Whether it is a real casino gambling option, betting on sports, taking part in poker or playing bingo, it is all available so long as you know what you are looking for.

Once you have found sites that accept Hawaiians, make sure you register with a reputable site that offers real changes of winning.

A word of warning would be to keep on top of the law. The law hasn't changed at present, but there is nothing stopping some Senator eager to win the next election to suddenly pass a new law, making online gambling fully illegal. So long as this hasn't happened yet, however, you are not doing anything wrong and you can simply enjoy the games.

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