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The Commerce Casino California – A Great Place to Spend a Night Out

If you’re looking to have a great time in California, and want to experience the best in casino gaming, look no further than the Commerce Casino, in the commerce district of Los Angeles. Located in a bustling city, the Commerce Casino offers visitors and guest an unrivaled experience in casino gaming in California.

Amazing Facilities

Featuring one the largest card rooms in the whole world, the Commerce Casino is a gem located in the, you guessed it, Los Angeles commerce suburb in sunny California. As well as the main card room, the Commerce Casino in California has many other amenities for the casino connoisseur. These include a wonderful day spa with a fully trained and excellent staff. You can also spend your day at the Commerce Casino’s pool or beauty salon featuring some of the best in cosmetic artistry in California. There’s also a wonderful sundeck, and lots of shops and live entertainment, including UFC mixed martial arts events, and live boxing. All of this fantastic entertainment right here in Commerce, California!


If poker is the name of your game, then you will not be disappointed with the offerings of the Commerce Casino in Los Angles, California. They have several table games available on the commerce casino floor, inducing such games as Texas Hold ‘Em, Seven Card Stud, HORSE and Omaha Hi Lo Split. The most popular game on the commerce casino floor is Texas Hold 'Em but on a busy night you can find games for almost anything. If you’re new to the game of poker, the Commerce Casino’s hotel, the Crown Plaza Hotel, offers classes on poker for beginners every Tuesday between 8 and 10pm. All of this is hosted at the Commerce Casino hotel, the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Have an ace up your sleeve and conquer the online casinos accepting us players. How lucky can you be?


Commerce Casino CaliforniaIf you’re a more skilled player, the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles California, also hosts several tournaments periodically. The Los Angeles poker classic is a tournament that is held annually; it usually begins in January and runs through until March. This is one of the Commerce Casino’s major tournaments and attracts players from all over California and the world. This event is sponsored by the World Poker Tour and it’s attended by several professional poker players. Even if you’re not a fan of poker, you should go ahead and visit the Commerce Casino in California anyway for a wonderful opportunity to meet one of these great professional poker players.

In addition to the Los Angeles Poker Classic the Commerce Casino is also host to the LA Poker Open, the Commerce Hold ‘Em Series and the California State Poker Championship.

Hotels Located Near the Commerce Casino California

If you’re looking to spend the night and you need to find good accommodations, the Commerce Casino Hotel is the pinnacle of hospitality in commerce California. The aptly named Crowne Plaza Hotel in Commerce, California has a warm and inviting atmosphere, with unparalleled service and care that only the Commerce Casino in California could offer. The rooms are fully furnished and include all necessities for a wonderful stay and trip.
If you’re looking for the best casino in Commerce, California, the Commerce Casino is exactly the place you need to be.

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