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Fantastic Hawaiian Casinos, don't get confused with Hawaiian Gardens Casino

Going on a casino holiday is becoming increasingly popular. And why not? There is nothing wrong with trying to win back your holiday money while you are away, particularly when you consider how amazing some of the casinos are. Las Vegas does not, contrary to popular belief, have a monopoly on good casinos. In fact, they can be found all over the world. Hawaiian casinos, for instance, sound absolutely fantastic and the backdrop for these would be like nothing you will ever see in Las Vegas. Then again, everything is possible in Vegas, but it will never be real.


Hawaii is the most recently added state to the United States and is comprised of a number of islands. It is a true paradise for people from all walks of life. Perhaps most famous for its large amounts of surfers, Hawaii is also a state of outstanding natural beauty, regardless of the island you choose to go to. It is made up completely out of volcanic rock, with many parts of the volcanoes still being active. Yes, there are beautiful beaches, but also beautiful mountains and forest. And the people are incredibly friendly.

How to Get To Hawaii – Hotels Nearby

Getting to Hawaii is best done by airplane, although it is possible to travel between the islands by boat. Staying in Hawaii can be done in any of the many hotels that are on offer on the island. They range from the budget to the five star spa hotels and it is entirely up to you to decide what sort of hotel best suits your needs. For instance, many people who travel on a budget would prefer to spend the night in beach huts, rather than spending the night in a five star air conditioned bedroom.

Hawaiian Casinos

Hawaiian Gardens CasinoPeople often confuse the Hawaiian Gardens Casino with a casino in Hawaii. The Hawaiian Gardens Casino, however, is based in California, quite some distance away from Hawaii itself. If you are interested in going to casinos in Hawaii, you will be out of luck, however. A law was recently passed prohibiting gambling on any of the Hawaiian islands. There had been strong opposition to this law, but in 2010, a decision was finally made to not allow the building of any casinos in Hawaii. For those who are interested in casinos, this was a deadly blow. However, Native Americans – the official inhabitants of Hawaii – are nothing if not resourceful and it didn’t take long for a huge range of online casinos to appear. Hence, you are now still able to go on a Hawaii holiday and gamble the Hawaiian way – by going online.

As stated, it is becoming more and more popular to go on casino holidays. If you are going to Hawaii, however, you will be out of luck. Although you may be able to find some clandestine casinos in the back streets, officially, Hawaii is a complete non-gambling state, with the only Hawaii casinos being available online. But that can still be a lot of fun.

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