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Try Des Plaines for the Best Casinos in Illinois

Going to a casino is possible even if you don’t live in Reno or Las Vegas. These are the highlights of casino life, of course, although it sometimes seems to go a little bit too far. It hasn’t stuck to what casinos are all about: the gambling. Gambling is an addiction for some, but for people who can control themselves; it is a fun sport and a great night out. If you don’t want to or can’t go to the likes of Las Vegas or Reno, why not try Des Plaines in Illinois? In terms of casinos in Illinois, Des Plaines is one of the best areas.

Des Plaines Casinos, Illinois

Des Plaines, Il has officially taken on the name City of Destiny, which is a very romantic name for any city of course. There are many casinos in Illinois, but Des Plaines truly has some of the best ones. The best known new casino in Illinois is the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines. Because it is a new casino in Illinois, it has all the modern facilities that you would expect a great casino to have. It has some fantastic slot machines, but also great tables to play Black Jack, Poker, Roulette and Craps. It is comfortable and luxurious, combining the essence of a casino (gambling) with the good bits of Vegas. In other words, it has the glamour, but not the tacky glitz.

How to Get to Des Plaines, Illinois – Hotels Nearby

Des Plaines casinoOne great hotel to stay in is the Rivers Casino hotel. By staying in this hotel, you are right at the heart of the action, being able to roll straight from the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines into your bedroom. For Midwest gaming Des Plaines is truly at the heart of the action. The hotel also operates the Chicago casino shuttle, meaning you can travel on a visit to Chicago to see the sights, or to visit a different Chicago casino for that matter.

Casinos in Illinois

When it comes to Midwest gaming Des Plaines is the best area to go. However, casinos can be found all over Illinois. You could opt to visit a Chicago casino for instance. Perhaps you are visiting Chicago on holiday and want to spend some time trying to win your holiday money back as well. It is easy to take the Chicago casino shuttle, meaning you can travel to and from the Rivers Casino hotel.

If you are in Illinois and want to try out a casino, you really can’t miss the beautiful Des Plaines casino, the Rivers Casino. It has everything you can expect from a top class casino, including fantastic dining and entertainment. You will have the free shuttle at your disposal to travel along the area, meaning that if you were to ever get bored of the casino – not that it would be possible – you can take some time out and do the touristic thing. In fact, many business people now use the Rivers Casino for business events because of its convenience and comfortable style.

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